Poolbeg Lighthouse in Dublin, Ireland. Irish man at work


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I consider Dublin my second home. It is not the place where I was born, but indeed the one I decided to live and identify myself.

I often have been to its harbor and believe it or not, I always enjoyed the irish weather.

The lighthouse is located on the Great South Wall, at the Port of Dublin, which extends from Ringsend’s Poolbeg peninsula nearly four miles out into Dublin Bay. The wall was the world’s longest at the time of its building, and remains one of the longest sea-walls in Europe.

It is nearly equidistant from Dublin, DΓΊn Laoghaire, and Howth, and commands extensive views of the shores of the bay, with an unbroken panorama of the mountains on the south.

The Poolbeg Lighthouse is a handsome and conspicuous feature in the bay, in which it occupies an almost central position.


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