I am Andrea Veronese.

With a passion and profound interest in people, culture, and political alternatives, I made the decision to leave my sunny homeland behind. Departing from Italy in 2007, I embarked on a journey that has led me to discover more than 90 countries, finding home in Canada, Ireland, Cambodia, Israel, Canary Islands, and Germany. Alongside my travels, documenting each experience became a natural endeavor.

The purpose of my wanderings has always been driven by an insatiable thirst for knowledge. I sought to understand what makes one country stronger than another, the diverse goals that people pursue in life, and the delightful flavors of various cuisines. Fortunately, my professional trajectory has aligned with my personal aspirations, as all my jobs have been intricately linked to my travel experiences.

Having pursued studies in International Politics in Italy and recently completing a degree in Travel Writing at the esteemed “London School of Journalism,” my thoughts now wander even further as I constantly gather new stories from my worldly adventures.

Nevertheless, I am grounded and pragmatic, fully dedicated to projects, assignments, and features that come my way. This is how I earn a living while also proudly founding SlowTravelEurope, a dedicated online travel agency for bicycle itineraries throughout our incredible continent, Europe.



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